Prof. Dr. Armin Buschauer

Chair of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry
Institute of Pharmacy
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
University of Regensburg
Universitätsstr. 31
D-93053 Regensburg

Room: CH 14.1.85
Tel.: +49-(0)941-943-4827

Research areas:

  • Selective histamine receptor ligands (focus on H2 and H4 receptor agonists)
  • Neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists (Y1, Y2, Y4 receptors)
  • Fluorescence ligands and radioligands for G-protein coupled receptors
  • Inhibitors of bacterial and human hyaluronidases
  • Luminescence-based methods for the investigation of ligand-receptor interactions
  • Experimental tumor pharmacology (tumor models, optical in vivo imaging)
  • Modulation of ABC transporters to overcome the blood-brain barrier